Pulling Away the Curtain

0 Posted by - May 4, 2015 - Excerpts

Maximizing Profits Immediately: How to Dramatically Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line pulls away the curtain to reveal the building blocks of the latest profit improvement strategies; tried and true techniques that people like Harry E. Figgie Jr., and now this book’s other two authors, have implemented successfully for more than half a century. In fact, many of the most modern profit improvement terms correspond to the techniques that Harry E. Figgie Jr. honed as a Booz Allen consultant in the 1950s.

The authors’ believe that without understanding the principles laid out in this book, most theoretical programs have the wrong starting point, and their success will be problematic. at’s because at their core, business improvement philosophies like Six Sigma and lean manufacturing need certain fundamental profit improvement tasks, like ratio analysis, ABC stratification, and value analysis, in order to be successful.

This all might seem like jargon or a complicated way of looking at business, but there is certainly no lack of comprehensive programs aimed at helping managers improve their operations. In fact, the number of available resources can be overwhelming. Books, magazines, and the worldwide web are filled with the likes of Six Sigma, network optimization, continuous flow processing, fishbone, Kaizen, and Kanban – and these are just a few of the latest terms managers responsible for corporate profits are expected to understand and implement. Many of these techniques have been branded by top consulting firms and are used by multinational corporations, sometimes at a cost of many millions of dollars. Other companies expend equally significant resources putting the latest management theories into their own comprehensive profit improvement programs.

Maximizing Profits Immediately helps business owners pull away the curtain to the management structure of their own organization in helping them efficiently develop a profitable company.

Examining the theories of motivating a workforce are principle themes explored in the chapters of Maximizing Profits Immediately. Be sure to check out past excerpts of “There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch,” and “The Backstory: The Foundation of Success.”